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Need a scientific monograph? Our professional company can help you. A monograph is a scientific work that can be published separately or accompany a dissertation. The monograph studies a specific topic. A monograph is a genre of scientific prose. It analyzes and summarizes the literature.

The volume cannot be determined exactly, since the article of the monograph is a scientific work and creativity. Scientific monographs are also reviewed. All reviewers are indicated in the output. Scientists often publish scientific monographs upon completion of research. When a scientific degree is defended, the article of a monograph can be considered as a dissertation.

How to write a monograph or use dissertation writing software?

Firstly, the name of the monograph should not be complicated, but rather clearly and clearly reflect the content of the monograph. The name of the monograph consists of five to six words. You can give a short name in large print, and give an explanation below in small print.

Secondly, the monograph presents information about its own paper, and not a compilation of other people’s works. It is necessary to write simply and clearly, and not abundant in a bunch of scientific terms, which ultimately leads to the fact that even in the scientific community it is possible to read certain types of monographs only with a dictionary or encyclopedia.

Monograph structure

A monograph is a scientist’s work, but still, the monograph has its own clear structure:

  • Title page – the name of the publication, place of publication, year of publication, author (s), publisher are printed here.
  • Table of contents at the beginning of the monograph.
  • Preface or introduction. Foreword is a short document. It describes the purpose of publishing a monograph and plus a summary. In the introduction, the relevance, research methodology, feature of author’s approaches are written. Usually they write an introduction, but sometimes they write an introduction and a preface.
  • The first chapter or literature review. The subject literature is analyzed here. It is necessary not only to list, but to structure.
  • The remaining chapters. There are as many as parts. Chapters should fully cover the issue being studied.
  • Conclusion – the results of the monograph. Usually repeat thoughts, facts, and ideas.
  • References, sources, subject index, applications.

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